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Coaching for Individuals

Coaching for individuals who are looking for growth and a better quality of life.
Who are confronting transitions and challenges that come with change.
Who want to explore new possibilities within themselves and realign.
Who have led an expatriate or TCK life and the challenges that come with it.
Who are studying and want to be more in their element.
Who want to experience less stress and more balance.

A coaching trajectory typically consists of 5-9 sessions of 90-120 minutes
A specified custom quotation will be made upon request

Coaching for Companies

Coaching for companies who want to create a safe and stress free environment where staff can thrive, grow and innovate.
Who believe that healthy productivity and high morale are the basis for their success.
Who believe that facilitating positive energy enhances possibilities.
Who want to minimize sick leave and stimulate well-being.
Who want to respect and use cultural and communication differences to mutual advantage.
Who endeavor to create a platform for personal development and stimulate balance in work and life for their staff members with the knowledge that it pays back exponentially.

A specified custom quotation will be made upon request

Coaching for Schools

Who want to give their students a solid foundation for a good start in adult life.
Who believe that state management and resilience are so fundamental to dealing with life’s challenges.
Who want to stimulate healthy choices and better communication with self and other.
Who encourage students to be themselves and find their element.
Who know how important it is to be able to manage stress.
Who want to convey that understanding differences and developing a none judgmental attitude is important in getting things done well and effectively.

A specified custom quotation will be made upon request

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