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Welcome to your life coach Rotterdam. My name is Christie Linley and I provide tools and insights that give clarity to help you move forward both personally and professionally. Whether you are going through a transition, you want something different, you feel stuck, confused or you are in pain you are welcome to come and explore and find your answers in a process that is both motivating, empowering and initiates choice.

What is a life coach?

As a life coach I help you discover and find clarity and connect to your personal goals and desires. Questions around good career choices, personal struggles and obstacles, finding meaning and direction, recurring negative strategies, sustainable “whole” relationships are some of the challenges that can be addressed. Essentially coaching is about offering tools and awareness for a better life experience, more balance and a way to learn to accept, feel comfortable and find expression for who you truly are.

Coaching focuses on where you are now, what you want and what you need in order to get you would like, this can be a feeling, a job, a particular relationship. We look at different levels of experience and align those levels. Change that is sustainable happens different levels: environment, behavior, capacities, values and beliefs, identity and purpose.

Life coaching is an opportunity that offers solutions to challenges that all of us are sometimes faced with, for that is the natural consequence of life. It opens new and practical perspectives and a door to possibility.

 Life coaching sessions can include:

  • Forming well formed outcomes
  • Identifying obstacles and beliefs that are holding the client back from achieving dreams and goals
  • Bringing resources into your system
  • Providing tools and awareness around embodiment of particular experiences
  • State management
  • Communication with self and others
  • Understanding how you filter and frame information
  • Formulating values and beliefs
  • Understanding the importance of setting boundaries

A life coach can support people of all ages, it can be an empowering process and supportive to know that coaches can support others in challenging feelings, processes, relationships with self and others. Life coaching is about helping you to discover and connect to your own answers, overcome destructive obstacles and finding resourceful attitudes and resources so that life’s experience is lighter, more joyful, optimistic, flowing, forgiving, and accepting. Life coaching teaches you to be with difficult feelings and challenges resourcefully so you can be the best version of yourself. 

As a life coach I believe you have all your own answers and I will help you bring them to the surface. As your Rotterdam life coach I want to invite you to bring all of you to the sessions, because all your parts are important and need attention. We can discuss anything. I invite you, if you sense an imbalance in your life, your work, or your relationship to work with me, we can do this in person, in an online environment or both.

I will ask the “right insightful questions” so that your answers can surface, be expressed and felt.

What can a life coach Rotterdam do for me?

As your life coach in Rotterdam, I will be a life companion, share with me what is bothering you, what takes energy, what is a recurring obstacle, a destructive thought, or un-resourceful repetitive strategy.

Life coaching is truly effective shifting experience from feeling stuck, heavy, and pessimistic to feeling empowered, experiencing more “wholeness” taking responsibility for your wellbeing and charge of your life.

If life coaching in Rotterdam is interesting for you, contact me and schedule a free introduction in person or online. Time for positive sustainable change, you are so worthy.

Do you coach online in Rotterdam?

Yes, in Rotterdam I coach online. Online coaching has been a discovery over the last year and to my delight it works very well. Its added advantage is the possibility for coaching clients living in different countries and continents.

With online coaching you can create the best possible setting for you at home or in your office. This way you are in a trusted environment where you can feel comfortable. You can schedule a free 30 minute introduction session on the homepage. 

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