From stress, anxiety and restlessness to wellbeing

Our mental and physical wellbeing are the foundation for improving our life’s experience, experiencing choice, accessing creative solutions, finding direction and coming home to ourselves – that sacred space we all have and is often lost by the time we are adults. 


There are many ways of achieving this and it takes practice and persistence but starts with awareness of how you do what you do and understanding the structure of the experience at a number of levels. 


The levels are:


  • Our minds focus (solution or problem) language (what do we say to ourselves, other)
  • Our emotions and beautiful needs behind the emotions fulfilled or unfulfilled. 
  • Our bodies response, what do we sense in our bodies- (breath, heartbeat, warm, cold)
  • How you respond to the world around you and the world to you.


Once we have understanding and awareness of this we can make possible changes 

and find strategies that support us and bring us back to our sacred space and feel centred. 

Robert Dilts, my teacher coined the acronyms:


C.O.A.C.H state as a resourceful state VS C.R.A.S.H state as an unresourceful state.

C. entred C.ontracted
O.pen R.eactive
A.ware VS A.ggressive
C.onnected to self and other S.eparated from self and other
H.olding the space hospitably H.ostility


Coach State vs Crash state


When are you in a coach state and when do you crash?


This great question had a huge positive impact on my life because I became aware of the differences and the triggers that resulted in a C.R.A.S.H state, a physiology where there was limited possibility and limited choice in how to responded to challenging situations and the inevitable impefections of life. In the extreme this leads to a mental health crises. 


So we need to learn to ground into life’s imperfections to:


  • Experience a feeling of wholeness
  • To be true to ourselves
  • To experience choice
  • To interact rather than to react.
  • To “hold” challenging situations with trust and confidence
  • To recognize creative solutions  
  • To make congruent decisions
  • To see obstacles as solutions and possibilities
  • To be Generative – generating positive change


The good news is that you can change it and become your own resourceful best friend, make change, get clarity on direction and find the resources to do so. 

What strategies do you practice to protect yourself and that you know no longer serve you? 

What is it that you deeply want?


Book an intake session and let us explore how you can support yourself better, more resourcefully with more fun, joy and effortlessness.