Christie Linley’s coaching is designed for anyone looking for personal growth and development, a wider range of choice and a well-balanced and better quality of life. We believe you have all your answers within you.
As a coach, my goal is to create the right environment for you to bring your answers to the surface, and thereby inspire and spark your possibilities to live the life you want to live. By asking the right questions and helping you understand possible obstacles, you will help to gain the clarity and confidence you’ll need to move in the direction that is calling you.

Coaching can help you if you’re struggling with issues like:
  • Making choices that are right for you.
  • Stress, lack of focus, concentration (ADHD).
  • Cultural differences, isolation, transitions.
  • Feelings of insecurity, believing in yourself, identity issues.
  • Being in your element & finding the right balance in different areas of life.
  • Searching and defining your dream and passion.
  • An inner unresolved conflict or feeling and understanding your own behaviour.
Coaching will give you insight, resources and practical tools to create:
  • Dreams and passions.
  • Healthy choices and more choice.
  • Sense of harmony, calm and focus.
  • Resilience and flexibility to change and differences.
  • Effective positive communication with self and others.
  • Balance in the different areas of your life, stable foundation.
  • Self-confidence and clear boundaries, positive belief system.

The Origins of Our Thinking and Behavioral Patterns

Our thoughts can be powerful but also problematic, they can both support or sabotage us in all sorts of ways. In the course of our lives we all create our own mental map. These mental maps make the world around us manageable. But in creating them our thinking deforms and filter things out and generalizes. The resulting map establishes what we see as our truth. But these mental maps, like all maps, need to be updated. Finding a new road with an old map is a difficult task and results in confusion, insecurity and stress. When we endeavour to change it often means we need to take a new road, one that might not be on our maps. This is where Christie Linley can help.

In our coaching sessions you’ll update your mental map and become aware of your mental strategies and the filters you use to see, hear and feel with. You’ll find out how these filters limit you and how they support you. You’ll also discover the beliefs you have about yourself, and of the world around you. The greatest challenge is to embark on the journey of change, to recognize those inner feelings, to listen to their voice and to give them space. The first step is the hardest: there is often something deep within us that conspires to hold us within seemingly safe boundaries. You have begun to take the first step by searching for support.

Please feel free to contact me to make a free intake appointment in person, by phone or through Skype, so that we can get to know each other and discover what Christie Linley can do for you.

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Why Personal Coaching?

You feel stuck and are not making healthy decisions there are different voices within wanting different and conflicting things. Whatever decision you make turns out to be wrong.This is exhausting.

You are moving and making congruent healthy decisions beneficial to your ideal and well-being. You have gained clarity and awareness of the different inner voices. Previously conflicting parts are now working together to meet your criteria.

You are experiencing conflict at work, school or at home, causing stress and anxiety. It’s affecting your wellbeing. You can/can’t quite put your finger on what is causing you to feel this way and you don’t know how to regain harmony.

You are connecting and communicating in harmony and feel calm. You know you can make the difference to yourself and to others. You have a choice and know exactly what to do when stress hormones set in. You have learned to react calmly and mindfully.

You lead a life full of transitions and change there are many wonderful things about it but there are times you feel bewildered, alone, lost, nervous, homesick, out of place, different in this changed country, new culture, new etiquette, new challenge. Who am I is a recurring question?

Your capacity to hold a positive state, embrace and enjoy difference has strongly developed. With the help of an anchor you put issues into perspective. When challenged you are able to remain calm and confidence. You feel grounded and you are flexible and resilient.

You cannot find your direction or purpose, you have worked enormously hard to help your family get settled into a new house, new life, new job, new schools. You had to stretch your comfort zone to do so; you managed, adjusted as best you could and much of your energy went to others. Now you have time for yourself and you don’t know how to move on, you feel insecure.

You are moving ahead, taking decisions, you have a plan, see your bright future and feel resourceful. Identifying your needs and your wants has given you clarity and direction. Now you can focus on the content and the activity you need to feel fulfilled and confident.

Some areas in your life are perfect and running smoothly, but others are rockier. You want more balance between the different areas in your life, you need to pay more attention to some of them, but you don’t get round to it.

All the different areas in your life – education, prosperity, physical health, mental health, relationships, contribution, recreation and spirituality – that are important to you have your attention. It feels right.

You have a dream, a passion that you have postponed or don’t know how to realize, there have always been some obstacles in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business.

Your dream has become a concrete goal and you have taken the necessary steps to realise it. You are in your in your element, you are moving forward and are focussed. You feel well and energized. You are making healthy choices.

Feelings of shame and guilt are making you feel miserable and confused, you have no one to turn to, you feel isolated and afraid. You have ignored these feelings for a long time, too long. The negative impact on your life is in your way.

An enormous load has fallen off your shoulders by opening up and giving your feelings a voice the air has been cleared. You feel lighter happier and freer to be who you are and do what you want. You feel and can connect with self and others.