Let out your playful side so you can play life beautifully.

I have a client who always wore her hair tightly in a ponytail, but today she came in with her gorgeous curls bouncing on her shoulders. “I’m a curly person!”, she said. 

Each curl represented a quality inside of herself that she’d recently unlocked after suppressing them for years: her playfulness, her softness, her gentleness, and her biggest one.. creativity.

She’d been smothered by a belief that “creativity doesn’t earn money”. How many of us have been in that painful thought loop? 

Slowly, she was able to bring her feelings and passions back with a little painting.

What was the solution to bring back the passion?

Space to explore her vulnerability. She discovered it was actually a great strength.

When we give ourselves time and space to be creative, we can come a long way. It can pull us out of the darkness, out of the cave we feel we’ve been hiding in.

Another client of mine has also re-sparked the creativity in her heart. She recently rediscovered her love for painting as it came up as playful curiosity in our sessions. It had been a long time since she’d connected to it, and now she’s given herself permission to explore this side of herself freely.

When she came in after our third session together, she had a completely new aura than when we first started. It was as if her inner colors had resurfaced, vivid and warm. “I have all these colors in me,” she said, her face glowing amber as the afternoon light that streams across my practice space.

She’d spent some time creating a mood board for herself as part of her journey with me, and she was pleasantly surprised by how much she was able to connect to long forgotten parts of herself with greater clarity. This mood board became a visual anchor helping her to connect to the part of her she thought she’d lost, that had once given her great joy. 

How do you like to connect to your creative self?

Do you have a passion that brings you to that space of curious play?

For me, it’s playing the saxophone. I absolutely love it, and don’t feel pressured to be perfect with every note. My goal is always to play one note at the height of its beauty. If I can achieve that glimpse of personal perfection – however fleeting- I feel completely satisfied.

I can always tell if I am “off” if I haven’t picked up my sax in awhile. Either from over busyness, or a deflated mood- my instrument is a huge gauge for my state of happiness. It helps me to feel present and grounded.

When was the last time you picked up your instrument?

Today, I would like to gently remind you to carve out time for your passions and creative outlets, no matter how buried they may have been. 

When you carve out time and space to do something creative, you rejoice with the universe and engage in an act of wholesome self-care.

If you are still discovering what your passions are, I recommend creating a mood board for yourself, gently explore a new medium of art, or pick up something you tried in the past and give it fresh energy.

I’m curious to see how this exercise goes for you. Feel free to write to me and let me know how it feels to reconnect to your creative energy.