How to feel at home with the Dutch Language and culture

Play your life more beautifully. Turn frustration into skill. Unlock your potential and learn to respond naturally and appropriately to the unspoken expectations of others whilst remaining to be yourself in your new language and culture. 

Becoming culturally aware helps you see things from another point of view and appreciate that cultural background influences beliefs and judgments. Recognize the Dutch mindset so you can turn it to your mutual advantage. 

A good start is to learn the language and the deeper meaning behind the words Flowently. I am inspired to help and support you with this endeavor.  It is something that I recognize from my own life experiences as an expat and the many transitions I made. Ask me questions and use my experience to your advantage. Your stay here will be greatly enhanced through speaking Dutch. 

The combination of Flowently language learning method, which has successfully helped many Internationals from different walks of life, my cross-cultural coaching expertise and my background will help you at a deeper level. We can clear up any beliefs that may be sabotaging your attempts to learn Dutch or obstacles that are keeping you from making an attempt. 

Common sabotaging one-liners are: 

  1. I will never learn Dutch, it’s too different to my own language
  2. The pronunciation is so harsh!
  3. I have no need to speak the language everyone speaks English, 
  4. Learning a language form a book does not help you in real-life situations
  5. I just don’t feel like me when I speak in Dutch 

As a coach I am touched by these one-liners.  They pave the way to frustration, isolation, and shame. Not necessary, come out and dance Flowently.  With just a few little BIG impact strategies I can help you turn things around so they start to work and support you. Let’s get going, become aware of the difference that makes the difference. 

Motivation in learning Dutch language

It is fundamental to your motivation in learning Dutch language, that you feel like you!  

In three coaching sessions I will help you clear up any possible sabotaging beliefs that are in your way and give you effective learning tools that will make your Dutch learning experience much more effective but above all fun. 

Learning the language of your new country will have a positive impact on your feeling of belonging. It will make the daily seemingly unimportant encounters in meeting local’s fun and effective.  Indirectly your effort to learn this new language means that you have taken a step out of your comfort zone, you are opening yourself to something new taking into account the perspective of your new culture, opening to the new code of communication and learning.