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What others say about Christie

Mijn eerste ontmoeting was via de telefoon. Wat een fijn en warm mens is Christie merkte ik tijdens het gesprek. Een openheid en veel inizchten. Een paar weken later hadden we een echte “live” ontmoeting. Die was alleen maar fijner en het inspireerde me. Velen ontmoetingen volgden en elke keer brengt het me weer verder. Dankjewel

Jeroen Stoffels
Entrepeneur at Harttrainen

Working with Christie was a life transforming experience and process for me. I came to her in a time when I felt completely desperate, with no space to think or capapbility to feel happy and at peace. With every session I had with Christie, it felt like an old layer came off and I got to know myself in a completely different way, overcoming lifelong challenges and difficult emotions that I had been dealing with. Christie is an incredibly loving person, very respectful and professional and I would recommend her coaching to anyone! With her help, I felt like a new space inside of me was created that allows for constructive thinking, self-love and piece of mind, and I never thought that I could achieve these things completely. No matter how bad I felt going into the session, I always came out with a smile, positive energy and a different perspective that helped me to move forward. I even felt a lot of physical changes with symptoms of pain and stress decreasing in my body after the sessions. I would always come back to Christie for challenging situations appearing in the future. All I can say is thank you Christie and please keep up this work because you really can make a positive change in people’s lives!

Louisa Wenderoth

Since 2019 Christie has been coaching my teenage son, helping him strengthen his confidence and setting up viable lifestyle goals, adapted to his current needs. I believe this is a good investment in Mario’s education since Christie can help with issues that the school system entirely dismisses, like how to build your own self-esteem and build the future that you want to create for yourself. In addition, Christie has managed to develop a good trust-based relationship that has allowed Mario to navigate through some difficult times over the past months. As a mother, I have felt well supported and understood by Christie, who has helped bridge gaps when we’ve got stuck on some mother-son issues. We are very grateful for her support.

Astrid Vargas

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